Plastering and Dry Lining with the Manchester

Our teams construct each project in accordance with the project requirements. Our experienced system complements the project�s contract documents by providing a consistent approach to the means and methods required to achieve the specified results. This process stresses quality assurance and quality control by providing proven procedures for construction, project documentation, administration, and measuring actual results versus goals.

Manchester Screeding have recently invested in a new state of the art Plastering Machine which allows us to complete far more per m2 than we have ever done. Not only does this increase our output but reduces man hours on-site, is less labour intensive, cost effective and improves on health and safety

Our core Plastering and Drywall services include

Core Plastering.
� Skimming & Re-Skimming
� Traditional Hard Wall Plastering
� Machine Projection Plastering
� Restoration & Repair
� Dot & Dabbing
� Dry Lining
� Tape & Joining

Speciality Systems.
� K Rend External Colour Render
� Render Repair and Restoration
� Partitions
� Suspended Ceilings

COSHH & Product data sheets are available in PDF format for all systems.